Cyber Strategy Success Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 133

This week’s reflection point: My clients often refer to me as their cyber strategist. So as I was reflecting about the essence of a successful cyber strategy it occurred to me that the acronym stands for:

Content that is amazing and provokes others.
You have the biggest impact on your success.
Breakthrough offerings and relationships.
Evolution of intellectual property and reduced stagnation.
Remarkable results created for your clients.

Strategy that paves the way to a great future.
Technology to deliver value and attract clients.
Reinvent yourself and your clients.
Audience that is identified and targeted.
Targeted value leveraging.
Exponential growth.
Generosity of giving to others.
Yearly action plan that propels you forward.

This week’s tip: Review your cyber strategy and identify areas where you may impact your success?

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