Strategic Review Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 103

This week’s reflection point: This is the time of year that my clients and I get to strategically review the year and make bold plans for the next year. Let me share with you the key questions and process I go through:

  1. Review this past year. Come up with a list of what has worked and what has not? Why? What are your biggest accomplishments and your key learning? What are the biggest challenges and obstacles you need to overcome and your biggest exciting opportunities ahead?
  2. Who are your current and future buyers? What is their geography (regional, domestic, international)? What do they read, listen to, watch and attend? How would you best reach and attract them to you?
  3. What’s your current value proposition? What is the remarkable value you offer your clients that makes you irresistible and how would you describe the dramatic impact on them?
  4. Next year, at this time, how would you paint a picture of great success? Also, you are about to receive an award for your remarkable accomplishments, what would that award be for?
  5. What is necessary to significantly strengthen your thought leadership? What does your ideal thought leadership year looks like? What attributes support it and the ones that go against it?
  6. Review “Your Marketing Blueprint” visual. Identify your current profile and where you need to be next year. What items do you need to implement next year that will push you to think bigger, strengthen your thought leadership?
  7. Identify your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly planned marketing accomplishments and the actions you will consistently take.
  8. How will you hold yourself accountable?

On behalf of my family and my great team at The Chad Barr Group, I would like to wish you happy holidays and may they bring a year filled with good health, happiness, prosperity and peace.


This week’s tip: Find the time to rejoice in what you have accomplished.

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