The Chad Barr Group offers

Outstanding expertise in developing world-class websites

We call this Web Presence Creation, and it enables our clients to leverage the Internet to engage their target customers with high-value conversations, strengthening relationships and solidifying business partnerships. Our team accomplishes all this by implementing the right strategy, kick-starting content development, creating the “WOW factor,” and establishing an online community through videos, articles, newsletters, podcasts and more.



The first step to creating a powerful web presence is determining the right strategy for each individual business.

Web Presence Creation clients work closely with Chad and our team to identify specific goals for how they want their company to be perceived online, and what they want and need to accomplish with their presence on the Internet. Once this has been determined, the Chad Barr group works tirelessly to implement a cohesive content, design, marketing and Internet strategy to attract the maximum amount of visitors to clients’ sites and achieve dramatic results.


Content Development

Here at the Chad Barr Group, we’re firm believers in the transformative power of terrific content.

In fact, we’ve discovered that the key distinguishing factor of thought leaders is that they’re prolific creators of remarkable, provocative content. Similarly, the most successful organizations leverage their content to distinguish themselves from others and establish their competitive advantage. Our Web Presence Creation clients learn how to raise the bar on content creation by leveraging their content success framework. We help our clients create a repository of powerful and provocative intellectual property and teach them how to leverage it effectively. Our team will show you how to use all the channels available online to display your content, so it reaches the maximum amount of people. We establish your website as a powerful vehicle to drive engagement with your content.


Site Development

Site development is the glue that holds your web strategy together.

It combines content, design, and functionality, leveraging them for a truly spectacular user experience. Our team of expert web developers and graphic designers build phenomenal websites, incorporating core functionality with stunning aesthetics. The sites we build are engaging, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, with strong calls to action. Our Web Presence Creation clients achieve world-class websites, designed specifically to attract their target customers.


The “WOW” Factor

IIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then a powerful website is worth a million pictures.

That’s why it’s so important for your site to have the “WOW” factor—a visually stunning interface that makes visitors want to explore further, stay longer, and learn more. Creating the “WOW” factor is one of the most important parts of the Web Presence Creation process. At the Chad Barr Group, we aim for visitors to our clients’ sites to say “WOW!” when they see what’s there. To achieve this, we develop sites with powerful looks, professional feels, and extraordinary first impressions.



Never underestimate the power of newsletters—when they’re done effectively.

The Chad Barr Group specializes in how to develop, implement and execute newsletters in the most effective way possible. Newsletters are a powerful way to stay connected to your customers, and reach out to prospects. In fact, they’re one of the most critical methods of communicating effectively with your target audience. The Chad Barr Group works with clients to develop customized e-newsletters, strategizing the frequency and scheduling of newsletters and developing a compelling channel of content for the business.



Our team develops online communities of customers and peers to provide a space for conversation, partnership-building, and knowledge exchange.

These customized online forums and platforms help our clients to dramatically strengthen their brands as they engage with a strategic group of knowledgeable individuals.



Quality written content is at the core of a strong web presence.

Articles are a critical way to reach current and prospective customers, and a prime method of establishing thought leadership. Our team helps clients create remarkable content to fortify their Internet presence.



Your blog is the ultimate repository of your content and your intellectual property: It should be engaging, smart, provocative, and professional.

The Chad Barr group specializes in creating blogs that act as incredible resources for showcasing knowledge and attracting target clients. As part of the Web Presence Creation offering, Chad Barr teaches clients how to build powerful blogs that benefit their bottom lines.


Inbound Marketing & SEO

Inbound marketing is a critical component of any business.

By combining the best technology with remarkable content creation, the Chad Barr Group provides clients with exceptional inbound marketing to help them expand their global reach. Our team of experts also specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure maximum search-ability on the Internet’s major search engines. Together, our inbound marketing and SEO techniques propel businesses to the next level of visibility on the web, driving interest and forging important professional connections online.


Social Media Strategy

The power of social media in today’s business landscape is unmistakable.

If social media is done right, it can be a tremendous advantage to any business. Done wrong, it can be a tremendous waste of time. Here at the Chad Barr Group, we are masters of social media, harnessing its power to propel our clients toward success. Whether Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, or any other platform, we customize powerful social media strategies for a wide range of entrepreneurs and organizations.