Components of Remarkable Content Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 41

This week’s reflection point: When you consume content such as an article, a video, an audio podcast or an eBook, what seems to grab your attention? Well, I am glad you ask. Let me share with you my top 10 key components to consider when creating remarkable content:

  • Make it conversational, which then reveals your true voice, makes you unique and your content easier to consume.
  • Incorporate provocative and contrarian thinking to challenge basic premises. Get audience to say: “I never thought about it this way.” When you create provocative content you will easily distinguish yourself from others.
  • Use examples to bring your content to life, substantiate your assertions and make it easily understood.
  • Be pragmatic to enable your audience to quickly take action and improve their lives and businesses. Once such technique is to use bullet points as I am doing here.
  • Inject humor to make it fun and enjoyable.
  • Mobilize them to act by including a call to action or even a few. For example, ask them to comment, write or call you, submit their questions, forward to others, take action and report back and so on.
  • Tell a story, and actually why not start with it, which would place your audience right at the scene. Here are a couple of examples: “It was Monday morning when I received this invitation to connect on LinkedIn. But, this one was special…” Here is another: “My client, Jane, just called me excitingly shouting that she just accepted a new project for $250,000, which came directly from her web site. However…”
  • Use metaphors whenever possible to greatly embellish and instantiate your message.
  • Label your concepts in your own unique ad proprietary language. This is one of the important attributes I see among some of the top of thought leaders.
  • Keep them glued to their seats by varying your intonation, volume, speed and the use of drama.

This week’s tip: Now that you have created your remarkable content go and start leveraging it and increase your success.


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