Things I’ve Realized or Learned Recently

  • You can get great last minute seats to any show you desire to see on Broadway. All you need to do is find a good concierge and be willing to pay the price. 
  • “Where are you from?” usually start great conversations with the cab drivers in New York city. The other is: “Would you share a great story that took place in your cab that you rarely share?”
  • When you ask the wrong question the answer does not matter and it’s irrelevant. The key obviously is to learn to ask the right question. 
  • I am not a futurist but I do make a few predictions. When I am right, I tell everyone. When I am not, I go into hibernation   
  • Quit the things that hold you back or distract you from focusing on your true passion to deliver your truly remarkable value you are here to give. 
  • The most successful individual I meet take action, have outstanding discipline and execute flawlessly.   
  • Build a circle of genius around you, learn from them and adapt as your own habits. 
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