The Chad Barr Group offers

Outstanding expertise in developing world-class websites

We call this Web Presence Creation, and it enables our clients to leverage the Internet to engage their target customers with high-value conversations, strengthening relationships and solidifying business partnerships. Our team accomplishes all this by implementing the right strategy, kick-starting content development, creating the “WOW factor,” and establishing an online community through videos, articles, newsletters, podcasts and more.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a
thousand pictures. Videos are versatile—and vital—resources
for any growing business.

At the Chad Barr Group, we empower our Digital Empire Creation® clients to create demo and promo videos to achieve specific marketing goals. These innovative videos promote products and market brands to specific online audiences, attracting new customers and re-engaging existing ones. Our team of video experts can create a wide range of demo and promo resources that extend your marketing reach and build credibility for your products online.

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The Chad Barr Group’s Digital Empire Creation® Program helps clients to develop a wide range of compelling web content—including innovative podcasts.

Podcasts are an incredibly effective way to build an online following and establish thought leadership. Our team specializes in creating top-of-the-line podcasts that deliver valuable information to your target customer base. We also ensure that your podcasts are available in online stores such as iTunes, so that more people can access them.

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Books & eBooks

Our Digital Content Creation clients learn how to raise the bar on content creation in a variety of formats, including articles, videos, podcasts, and blogs.

We also help our clients curate their powerful intellectual property into professional, compelling eBooks. The Chad Barr Group will first help you write a valuable eBook that strengthens your thought leadership. Then, we’ll show you how to promote your new digital book to the most people for maximum impact.

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Transformation Visuals®

Transformation Visuals® are a critical part of establishing influential thought leadership on the Internet.

And here at the Chad Barr Group, we are firm believers that pictures are the best way to articulate complex ideas. To that end, Chad uses his outstanding visual creation skills to help clients build brand new Transformation Visuals®, using their own intellectual property. These Transformation Visuals® engage site visitors, articulate the brand, and make your site vibrant and interactive.

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