Studio Production:

The Chad Barr Group creates powerful, professional videos to invigorate your web presence and build your Digital Empire.

Shoot world-class videos at our in-house production studio, crafting exciting visual content for your audience. Take advantage of our outstanding studio production services to deliver more value to your clients and your peers. Your videos will benefit from Chad’s incredible knowledge of online video distribution channels, allowing you to showcase your content to the widest audience possible.

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Intro & Outro:

When you work with the Chad Barr Group’s studio production team, you get immediate access to the full range of our audio-visual expertise.

In addition to creating innovative videos for you at our in-house production studio, our team also develops creative intro and outro segments, which accompany each video. The Chad Barr Group is committed to delivering cutting-edge animation and professional music to enhance your videos and strengthen your online brand for a robust Digital Empire.

Demo & Promo:

Videos are versatile—and vital—resources for any growing business.

At the Chad Barr Group, we empower our Digital Empire Creation clients to create demo and promo videos to achieve specific marketing goals. These innovative videos promote products and market brands to specific online audiences, attracting new customers and re-engaging existing ones. Our team of video experts can create a wide range of demo and promo resources that extend your marketing reach and build credibility for your products online.

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