You Look Marvelous Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 7

This week’s reflection point: Attractive book covers get people to open them and glance inside. The same applies to your web site. Attractive, professional and intriguing home pages do the same, which is why I recommend that my clients position them and make them look as world-class as possible.

In my previous Get Noticed! memo, I discussed the importance of your interior pages since many visits to your site may actually start there. However, assuming your visitor gets to your home page sooner or later, ask yourself the following. Does it:

  • Come across as professional, world-class and represent a wow factor?
  • Let the visitor clearly know what you do in a few seconds?
  • Intrigue the visitor to stick around a bit longer, learn more and perhaps even interact with you?
  • Offer easy ways to contact you?
  • Contain strong calls to action?
  • Provide the visitor with ways to access high value and address what is in it for them?

Remember Billy Crystal’s “You Look Marvelous” line? Would your visitor say the same about your site?

This week’s tip: Review your home page and while you are at it, your interior pages, and make sure they follow the bullet points above.


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