Earning Your Thought Leadership Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 132

This week’s reflection point: For years I have been saying that one of the key attributes of successful thought leaders is that they are prolific publishers of remarkable and provocative content and they consistently increase their body of work.

Consequently, creating and leveraging your intellectual property (IP) is a proven approach to strengthening your thought leadership and your global reach.

Notice in the visual above, on the left, the items that support and promote thought leadership. On the opposite side are the items that detract or prevent you from reaching your thought leadership achievements.

Challenge your own way of thinking and start publishing unique and helpful thoughts so others may quote you!

You know that the title of a thought leader has been bestowed upon you when others are consistently quoting and referencing you.

This week’s tip: Don’t let inertia take over. Since object in motion stay in motion, get moving and create a great legacy.

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