Success Tips

Conceptual image of business vision and innovationAs I observe my own organization as well as my most successful clients, here are several ideas which will greatly contribute to your success:

  • Your goals should be aggressive and push you outside your comfort zone. Ignore the advice about making them realistic.
  • Are you going where others don’t? Lead the way and become the avatar others want to follow.
  • Identify what your future success looks like, create an action plan and then go and execute.
  • If you have not reached your goals, increase your execution and actions you are taking and you will dramatically increase the odds you will get there.
  • Leaders accept and take responsibility rather than place blame. It is not the economy, your competition, the market, globalization and commoditization.
  • Reject and stop paying attention to mediocre advice. Surround yourself with a brilliant and most successsful support system.
  • What are some of the most remarkable achievements you admire? Identify a plan  to create your own remarkable achievements.
  • Be careful of complacency and especially when you reach success. Keep pushing the envelope while constantly reinventing yourself.
  • Want to stop worrying about your competition? Create the new standards, trends and innovations that others will follow.

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