Leveraging Your Newsletters Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 71


shutterstock_476146411This week’s reflection point: One of the questions I get asked quite often is how to best leverage your newsletters to promote your business and to better monetize them. Here are my top 11 ideas:

  • Focus your newsletters on powerful and practical advice from which your clients would benefit great value.
  • Ask your clients for their key concerns and challenges and then publish ideas on how to solve them.
  • Listen carefully to what your clients are asking or what is reported in the media and comment accordingly as I am doing here.
  • Send them out consistently.
  • Announce news and events worth mentioning such as upcoming workshops, new products and services, awards and credibility enhancing ideas.
  • Repurpose older content by referring and linking to it in your newsletters and enhancing it by adding new ideas.
  • Mention your newsletters on the various social media platforms.
  • Engage in conversations by asking your clients for their feedback, additional ideas and comments.
  • Compile several of your newsletters into the “Best Of” collection and create booklets, eBooks and books.
  • Offer genuine incentives to your products, services and events.
  • Collaborate with others and feature them in your newsletters and have them feature you in theirs. This will increase your reach significantly.

Newsletters are a powerful tool to share your valuable content and offerings with your clients while staying better connected with them. Doing so effectively will increase your reach, brand, intellectual property and revenues.

This week’s tip: Identify your target audience groups and determine how effective your newsletter strategy is. While you are at it, consider creating a new one for a different audience segment and publish in different frequency.


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