Amazing Content Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 35

This week’s reflection point: I’ve been known to use the phrase “amazing content” when referring to the kind of content we all need to create. Many of my clients ask me to further articulate what I mean by this phrase. So here we go.

Amazing content:

  • Intrigues the recipient to want to read, listen or watch.
  • Is delivered with passion, enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Causes the recipient to say: “I never thought of it this way” or “I never knew that.”
  • Mobilizes your audience to take action.
  • Gets archived by the recipient for future use and reference.
  • Goes viral and is shared by others.
  • Gets noticed by your clients, prospects and the media.
  • Is repurposed often.
  • Evolves and improves over time.
  • Is quoted or cited by others.
  • Manifests itself in a variety of formats such as articles, podcasts, videos, booklets, eBooks, books, audio books, video books, online products, workshops, retreats, webinars, teleseminars, products, and more.
  • Attracts clients and business to you.
  • Strengthens your thought leadership.
  • Is unique and provocative.
  • Does not rule as a king but as the ace!

How would you rate your content and more importantly how would your clients rate it? Whatever the score may be, I know you would agree with me that there is always a way to improve it. Are you?

This week’s tip: Review your content and commit to improving it so others describe and perceive it as amazing.

This week’s bonus:More thoughts on what is good content.

Happy and Healthy New Year! Shana Tova!

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