The A through Z of Success Attributes Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 247

I’m a fan of the use of acronyms as they are fun to create and help us better memorize key concepts. Here are a few I previously published:

In the spirit of such acronyms, here is The A through Z of Success Attributes:

  • Create Adventures that encourage exploration and future innovation.
  • Take a Bold stance.
  • If Content is the king, then provocative content is the ace.
  • Invest in your Development and lead your clients to do the same.
  • Engage them Emotionally in the value you bring.
  • The best way to impact the Future is to create it.
  • Show the way and inspire higher levels of Greatness.
  • Inject Humor and make them smile whenever possible.
  • We are here to Impact the world and make it better.
  • Great learning takes place when you make it a habit to Journal often.
  • What new Knowledge have you gained and shared this year?
  • Has your site become a Labyrinth of ineffective and confusing pages or the representation of Occam’s razor philosophy?
  • No matter what your business specialty is, you must become a Marketing machine.
  • What does your success blueprint look like and are you on track to Navigate to its destination?
  • One of the more effective methods of building your list is to develop value-driven Opt-in web pages.
  • To transform your business, uncover your gifts and the Purpose of why you are here. Now help your clients discover the same.
  • I’ve noticed many focus on the quantity of their published work. You are different and why you focus on the Quality of your work.
  • To bring your content back to life and make sure it is not lost in the sea of words, consider Repurposing it often. (Just as I’ve done at the top of this post).
  • Learn to become a great Story-teller.
  • The most successful Thought Leaders are prolific publishers of remarkable content.
  • To get your content to be shared virally, it needs to be Ubiquitous, which means it needs to be accessible on various platforms.
  • What’s the remarkable Value you bring to your clients?
  • Our clients care less about our resume and care only about the trasnformation we provide. In other words, they ask themselves “What’s in it for me?”
  • Probably the greatest invention of our lifetime is XHTML, which is the backbone of our internet world.
  • I find Yearly goals, broken down into smaller chunks, the critical ingredients to keep us accountable and on track to success.
  • Your enthusiasm is contagious and why you must bring Zeal to your work and creation.

Would love to hear your feedback and what are some of your favorite acronyms.

Consider creating your next content and include your favorite teaching acronyms. Then share please.

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