Have You SMACKED Your Clients Lately?

What’s your reaction when you get smacked across your face? Probably a sense of shock and surprise, right? I find many of the podcasts I listen to create the opposite reaction. They are boring, scripted, valueless and put me to sleep which is not the typical reaction I’d suggest from an effective business podcast.

So I have just created the following acronym to help you develop your own killer podcasts that your listener will love. SMACKED means:

Smile while you talk, which will make the podcasts fun and demonstrate that you are enjoying it as well. If you are having fun, there is a good chance your audience will.

Mobilize your listener to take action after the podcast, which will increase the chances of their success, which will entice them to want to come back and use you.

Assist your listener by providing powerful tips, ideas and best practices from your proven track record of success.

Converse with the listener in a way that makes it come across as a conversation and not an academic speech or script reading.

Knowledgeably demonstrate your competence to position yourself as an expert and a thought leader.

Enthusiastically speak your words to engage the listener and keep them excited.

Decisively deliver your message to create short powerful messages that generate powerful and definite results.

So when creating your podcasts, simply ask yourself: “Have I SMACKED my listener in a good way?”

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