Email Signature Redux

Over seven years ago I wrote about the importance of using your email signature to communicate and promote your various products, services and important announcements. Below is what my current email signature looks like. How about you?

Chad Barr
The Chad Barr Group
5152 Crofton Avenue
Solon, OH 44139
Office: 440-715-5247

Million $ Web Sites:

Create your Digital Empire:

“Chad is a technological genius and a technological strategy expert.
He is the most brilliant technical guy in the world
and that’s why I work with him!” — Alan Weiss, PhD

My new book Million Dollar Web Presence hit #3 on
in its first week!

“In the business of Web sites and content, Barr stands alone as THE thought leader
to those looking to leverage high technology to build their brands.”
Alex Goldfayn, CEO, The Evangelist Marketing Institute

“This is the best book I have read about creating a web presence
in the professional services marketplace, bar none.”
Tom Schramski, PhD, President, Salience Consulting Group

“I give this book my highest recommendation. This is a must buy. You will be blown away.”
Geoff Ronning, President, Geoffrey Ronning Group, Inc

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