Get Noticed! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 4

This week’s reflection point: How often do you look at individuals and make an opinion about them in the first seven seconds or less? How often do you browse new books and select one based on its cover? According to Roger Ailes, who was a media consultant to republican presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush, it only takes seven seconds for such an opinion to be formulated. I would like to suggest that your web presence and the impression it creates are no different. That’s right, seven seconds or less for your visitor to decide whether to stick around or possibly be gone forever.

Your visitors may enter your site by first visiting your home page. Yet, what complicates this further, is the fact that the entry point for many may not be your home page. Let me explain. Some may discover one of your YouTube videos and when clicking on one of the links you have provided, may end up on your blog. Others may enter your site through one of your articles or other product pages when forwarded a copy by a colleague, or stumble upon it through a web search.

To help you gain immediate attention and significantly strengthen your brand effectiveness and its influence, I’ve created the GET NOTICED acronym. The components are as follows:

Gravity. What are the effective marketing activities that you should engage in to attract visitors to you? Some examples may be: your blog, speaking engagements, videos on YouTube and breakfast business meetings.

Enhance. Do you provide significant and irresistible value to positively impact your visitor’s life and business? These could be how-to tips, checklists, and discussions with provoking and interesting experts.

Thought Leadership. What are the distinct or breakthrough ideas you have that position you as a sought after, successful thinker and leader? How are you communicating such ideas to demonstrate your consistent track record of success with many raving fans?

New. When was the last time you updated your web site or blog? Do you often share innovative ideas that demonstrate your new thinking or are you possibly coming across as stagnant or complacent?

Offerings. Does your site communicate a variety of products and services that are complemented by vast and remarkable content and effective language?

Tactics. Have you developed a roadmap to follow that contains the action steps you need to execute to implement your business and Internet strategy? For example: your monthly and weekly newsletters, biweekly videos and podcasts and monthly webinars.

International. Have you positioned yourself for global reach through agility that enables you to eliminate borders and operate globally? Some ideas may be video conferencing tools such as Skype, live streaming of events or creating global communities.

Constructive. Is your mindset that of serving a useful purpose and helping as many as possible or that of increasing revenues quickly? Use the former and thrive or the latter and barely survive.

Expert. Does your site position you as an expert in your field while clearly communicating such expertise? Does it demonstrate why you stand out above the crowd?

Design. Is your web presence coming across as a world-class “wow” factor with the utmost professionalism?

Since first impression is critical, what does your web presence say about you in the first few seconds? Do you come across as a nonprofessional or a respected and affluent thinker? Do they think of you as an amateur or a class act? Are they intrigued to explore further or exit and disappear?

That is why I say: “show me your web presence and I’ll tell you who you are.”
Since your web presence is a manifestation of who you are, step it up and get noticed!

This week’s tip: Listen to 11 Tips for Creating Provocative Content and select one technique you can use today.


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