Who Are You Quoting? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 457

I’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs rush to quote famous people when creating their content. Although I’m not against occasional use of such quotes, I suggest that to increase our credibility and thought leadership, we ought to create our own unique quotes.

The challenge then is how to do so, and the answer is simpler than you may realize. All you need to do is start reviewing the content you have created, and I would bet that your unique quotes are hidden in the content you have created and most often at the conclusion of each piece.

A couple of years ago, I decided to put that logic to the test and challenged myself to create as many of my own quotes as possible. I was stunned to discover that almost 300 quotes were created in just about a year!  

Here are eight quote examples that were derived from the last paragraph of several of my most recent newsletters:

  • We are all multi-dimensional professionals; we use our creative gifts, talents and expertise from other areas of our lives to solve life and business challenges, deliver our unique value, impact others and increase and expand our businesses to keep it fresh and exciting not only for us but our clients.
  • Most of the business goals we set for ourselves, are usually attainable and within our reach, at least in our vision. It takes focus and action to see these goals come to fruition. Yet, to achieve this success, it requires we evaluate where missteps and mistakes have been made, and the impact of unexpected events, so we can then make the necessary course corrections and adjustments.
  • Beauty and goodness are all around – we just need to pay better attention. Sometimes it just takes a bit of sifting through, pulling back the chaff from the wheat, or the husks from the corn, to find the little pockets of pure gold. The same holds true in business as in life. The prize is there if only we are willing to work through the challenges, difficulties and travel the bumpy, unpaved road to find it.
  • We often run into situations or challenges in our business that have the potential of crippling or destroying our business. The question then becomes, what actions must we take to achieve the highest success with minimal risk.
  • Take care of your mental health just as your physical well-being. We only need look at this year’s Tokyo Olympicsto be reminded that taking a break for our minds and spirit can help us come back with increased vigor before coming apart at our seams.
  • Does absence make the heart grow fonder? I’d say, when it comes to your clients, absence makes them forget you.
  • Life is too short. Live your passions, rejoice in every moment, and live each and every day with fervor, tenacity and a positive outlook. Today is a gift, it’s why it’s called the present. Don’t let it go to waste. Now, go out and take on the day!
  • My advice on becoming consistent in what we do is to start by focusing on The ONE Thing. Because when we gain control of our competing priorities and focus on the one most important thing we must start with, the rest then falls miraculously into place.

I hope you’ll agree with me that creating your own unique quotes is easier than you thought, especially that you now have the system to do so.

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