Uncover Your Hidden Talents Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 456

We often find out the most interesting things about our clients and colleagues as our relationships and conversations become deeper and more personal as the years of working together increase. For example, I learned many years ago, one of my successful consulting clients is also an accomplished and published poet, after having moved on to a new field of work after many years as an English instructor. I was fascinated to know her on a different level and watch her perform her original poetry at special events. Another dear client is also a talented artist and craftswoman while another is a concert pianist.

For me, it’s my love and passion for music, architecture, design, writing, content creation, photography, technology, software development, the web, marketing and even pickleball that keep me excited about my work and provide the tools necessary to deliver my value.

How many of us identify strictly with the title on our business card or designation on our office door? I’m always pleasantly surprised to find the musicians, photographers, singers, sportsmen and sportswomen, preachers, and even pickleballers, who bring these previously hidden talents to their professional work as problem solvers, consultants and CEO’s!

We are all multi-dimensional professionals; we use our creative gifts, talents and expertise from other areas of our lives to solve life and business challenges, deliver our unique value, impact others and increase and expand our businesses to keep it fresh and exciting not only for us but our clients.

What are your hidden talents and your gifts that you have been sharing and those still hidden waiting for you to share with the world?

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