The ONE Thing Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 66

shutterstock_297258173This week’s reflection point: I was recently reflecting on what is the one key thing I need to do in order to make this become another great year. Here is the initial list I came up with:

  1. Take more risks.
  2. Delegate all that’s possible.
  3. Increase discipline.
  4. Schedule more strategic breaks and thinking time.
  5. Identify and implement what it means to work smarter than harder.
  6. Recognize key insights and integrate into my content creation, life and business.
  7. Create, label and use my own unique new words and terms.
  8. Keep creating “platinum” moments with our clients so I hear them say: “wow” or “this is brilliant” or “I never thought about it this way” or “I get so energized when I speak with you.”
  9. Energize and recreate myself every morning.
  10. Gain complete control of my competing priorities.

It then became apparent that the ONE thing I must do is gain control of my competing priorities. Because when that happens, the rest would magically take place one at a time.

This week’s tip: Take some time and identify the ONE thing you should do to make this a great year.


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