What’s Your Slogan? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 486

I recently received, what seemed to look like, a robotext on my phone from one of the political parties asking me to participate in a zoom call featuring a representative from the State Board of Education. Since I had never received such a request before, and this one piqued my curiosity, I figured they wanted money.

Since they were soliciting me, I figured why not text back and see if I get a response? I simply asked, “what is the persuasive message and platform you are putting out to win over voters in the midterm?”

One week later I received this answer; “That’s the $64,000 question!”

I was stunned! They did not seem to have their messaging act together!

Imagine if we had no strong message, slogan, tagline, or impact statement to promote our company, products, and services to our clients. What would then allow us to stand out in the crowd and give us the market advantage over our competitors?

I believe, it is critical for us to lead with innovative ideas that get noticed. We can then catch the attention of potential new clients with that powerful impact statement that quickly demonstrates the profound value we can deliver.

I’ll be honest, I just got an offer from American Express for a new credit card. “Don’t leave home without it” is their slogan and I agree. I shouldn’t leave home without it!

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