What’s Your Topic This Week? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 485

A while back I created the infographic to answer the question of Where Do Ideas Come From? Hopefully this visual stimulates your mind to identify the proper resources to help you gain new ideas. In today’s article I would like to explore and share some of the most prevalent ways of identifying new topics to help you with your content creation. 

Here are several topic ideas:

  1. Life and business lessons learned from your business, your clients or family members
  2. What is currently trending
  3. Recent travel and observations
  4. Insights learned from a workshop, a book, or an article read
  5. Overcoming adversities
  6. A secret you’ve never shared before
  7. Best and worst ideas when starting your business
  8. The road less travelled
  9. Provocative or counterintuitive approach to a popular idea or a known thought leader
  10. Improving and transforming yourself and our business
  11. Favorite tools and how and why to use them
  12. Repurpose old content and improve
  13. Your hobbies
  14. Your innovations
  15. Your favorite stories
  16. The roadmap for
  17. Guest interview to solicit their wisdom and opinion
  18. How to…
  19. Challenges your clients are facing
  20. Questions asked by your clients

Now that you have all these topic ideas, I am curious what topic have you chosen to focus on this week?

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