What’s Your Next One Thing? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 321

A few years ago, I wrote about The One Thing I must do to make sure all my competing priorities are addressed. Here are the top 10 I narrowed down back then which I true now as well:

  1. Take more risks. By that I mean prudent risk.
  2. Delegate all that’s possible. This frees up my time and energy to focus on the most important to achieve my goals and desired results.
  3. Increase discipline. Yes, there are still areas in my life and business where this would be a great benefit.
  4. Schedule more strategic breaks and thinking time. I am often amazed by the creative ideas I generate when taking such breaks and the increased momentum and energy.
  5. Identify and implement what it means to work smarter than harder. Before taking on the next step this simple question and distinction makes a world of difference.
  6. Recognize key insights and integrate into my content creation, life and business. I gain daily insights from my interaction with others, from consuming content and from taking time to reflect. The key is to put the most valuable insights into action.
  7. Create, label and use my own unique new words and terms. One example of the manifestation of this idea are my Chadisms – personal quotes.
  8. Keep creating “platinum” moments with our clients so I hear them say: “wow” or “this is brilliant” or “I never thought about it this way” or “I get so energized when I speak with you.”
  9. Energize and recreate myself every morning. This means both physically, mentally and emotionally. This energy at the start of the day, does wonders to the success, creativity and productivity of the rest of my day.
  10. Gain complete control of my competing priorities. My key realization back then was that since there are so many conflicting priorities that compete for my daily and hourly attention The One Thing I must do is gain control of my competing priorities. Because when that happens, the rest would magically take place one at a time.

My other realization is that I need to have my goals, priorities and desired outcomes in front of me and viewable, so I am inspired and accountable to take action. Hence why a transformation visual® speaks a thousand words!

What are your top 10 goals and priorities and upon which ONE will you take action now?

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