Digitizing the World’s Wisdom Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 322

I’ve come to the realization that had the greatest thinkers, inventors and artists of history not shared their wisdom, insights and gifts with the world, we would probably still be living in a version of the dark ages.

Aristotle, Michelangelo, Ayn Rand, Galileo, Mozart, Albert Einstein, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou or Bill Gates, are just a few of the thousands of remarkable thought leaders who made it their life’s work to not only increase and refine their knowledge and art but to spread their wisdom and gifts throughout the world.

As I reflect on my mission here on earth and the legacy I’d like to leave, I believe it is my obligation and calling to help digitize the world’s wisdom. Though this may sound bold, I believe that all big dreams start with a bold vision. One way I do it is by extrapolating the best content and intellectual property from my clients and then manifest it through various media formats and platforms.

My conclusion is that we all have an obligation to ourselves, our families, our clients and the world to share our insights, knowledge, experience and wisdom with others. Otherwise, we may deprive others from reaching their bold dreams. Perhaps the greatest of thinkers may doubt themselves and question their abilities, but we are driven to keep on challenging ourselves, continue to learn and educate, and share our God given talents so others may spread their wings and soar to great heights.

Go make your mark!

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