Growing Your Business and Your Revenues Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 323

Whether you are a solopreneur or a large business, I believe there are seven crucial steps to growing your business and your revenues. I outlined these steps a few years ago in my “7 Steps to 7 Figures” article.

Here are the seven steps:

  1. Get Referrals
  2. Establish Relationships
  3. Publish Prolifically
  4. Create Offerings
  5. Deliver Results
  6. Take Action
  7. Have Courage

To review my detailed explanation, please reference the above URL.

Since a picture often speaks a thousand words, I decided to create the attached transformation visual® for a quick reference point.

I am also excited to share with you that my new book: Transformation Visuals® to Power Your Success – Thought-Provoking Graphics to Turbocharge Your Business is now available on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks. It’s a compilation of 21 of my favorite and powerful visuals, each accompanied with a corresponding article. It all started with one visual I created years ago (such as the one accompanying this article), which then, one by one, evolved into this book. I hope you get your own copy today.

So, you may ask yourself what’s the purpose of today’s newsletter and what’s my point? I actually have four:

  1. Demonstrate that repurposing older content helps bring it to life and further stimulate our ideas.
  2. Adding a visual to our points helps increase the value while creating a different media format.
  3. Consistently and frequently creating, sharing and publishing our insights help us transform them into books and other offerings, strengthen our marketing initiatives, and further create our intellectual property and our global digital empires®.
  4. Promote our products and services and help make a difference and impact our target audience.

A collection of words become a tweet. A collection of tweets become a checklist or an article. A collection of articles become your workshop, books, webinars and products. And a collection of the those become your digital empire.

Get your copy of my latest new books available now on my Amazon’s author page.

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