Success is Hard Work

Although there may be some rare exceptions, I’ve yet to meet anyone who has achieved success without working hard to earn it. Unfortunately, I often meet individuals with the desire to become successful yet when I inquire about their routine activities, it is obvious what they do wrong.


  • Surf the net way too long
  • Get involved in too many activities on the various social media platforms
  • Are distracted often with emails, phone calls and unnecessary tasks
  • Have no focus or suffer from what I call the entrepreneur ADHD
  • Occupy themselves with fun and risk-free activities such as: gardening, talking with friends and colleagues
  • Complain often and blame others
  • Are afraid of success or failure
  • Get involved in easy marketing activities perhaps even lazy

Instead, they should:

  • Leverage the internet to showcase their value, help others and research
  • Limit their access on social media and use it connect with buyers
  • Focus on one key goal at a time and bring it to fruition
  • Hold themselves accountable
  • Engage in important elements of marketing
  • Take responsibility for their success and action
  • Take risks and are hard workers

These are your choices and the ones you make have a direct impact on your success.

© Chad Barr 2012. All rights reserved

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