Marketing Allure and Attraction

There is a profound difference between beating on prospects’ doors, trying to convince them of how good you are, and prospects coming to you, saying they’ve heard of your value and are curious as to how they can work with you. In the latter case, there is zero cost of acquisition and fees are seldom an issue at all.

The secret to building a strong community of quality supporters on the web is to engage in as much of the market gravity as you can. Our advice is to begin with those “spokes” most within your comfort zone, and drill down. For example, if webinars are your passion and expertise, then find the right firms, create the right content, and market to the right audience.

Move on as you implement each tactic to those outside your comfort zone by gaining expertise and resources. You needn’t use all the spokes (though many do), but if none of them is attractive to you, then you need to get a real job, because this one isn’t for you!

There is a powerful duality present in market gravity—you attract new clients and customers but also educate existing customers about the varying ways to do business with you. This works for both wholesale clients (corporations where one buyer can write a check that provides for projects engaging many people) and retail clients, where the individual consumer/user pays for himself or herself.

The more diverse your marketing efforts, the wider (and “stickiest”) your web. Some people enter becuase they want to purchase attractive products; others because they learn best through downloading teleconferences; still others because they read interviews; more because they popoulate YouTube.

Note that you draw people to you via both web-based and non-web based options, because you never can be sure about which buyer is more influenced by which kind of gravity.

This is an excerpt from my new book Million Dollar Web Presence Leverage the web to build your brand and transform your business, which I coauthored with Dr. Alan Weiss and published by Entrepreneur Press.

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