Ready to Sharpen Your Mind?

In my blog post from several days ago How Sharp Are You? I asked you to think about your ability to quickly respond to key questions in your area of expertise.  I am enamored by how many I talk with are unable to answer such questions. So now comes my pragmatic advice which I have personally implemented in my business and with many of my clients. Whenever I have the opportunity (quiet time, driving, flying, during my walks), I often think about questions my clients have asked me or ones I have read about in various publications.

The exercise is then to attempt and respond with at least three powerful answers to these questions. I do the same when I talk with my clients, prospective clients or colleagues. I ask them for their top key challenges and I use the opportunity to quickly suggest effective solutions to these or I end up adding them to my database of ideas to write about.

This has created a remarkable phenomena that enables me now to quickly respond to any question or challenge I am being asked or face while stretching my mind and helping others and of course  myself.

And as you have probably noticed, many of these become articles and blog posts (such as this one) as I have now stretched my mind to come up with at least 10 ideas for each question.

Do this and I assure you, that your mind will get sharper while helping increase the success of your clients.

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