How Sharp Are You?

Take a look at the questions below:

  • What are some of your clients key challenges?
  • For each of these challenges, what are three best practices to resolve them and can you provide examples?
  • What do your best clients do that others don’t?
  • What are the distinguishing factors between you and others competing in your market space and what makes you unique?
  • Share with us a client’s success story you are most prod of.
  • What’s your value proposition or in other words, how is your client better off by virtue of working with you?
  • I am ________ ? For example, if I were asked this, I would say: “Internet business strategist.” Call this your thought leadership focus. Now answer the following: What are the 3 key mistakes organizations or entrepreneurs make when it comes to your thought leadership focus?

Can you answer these questions quickly, eloquently, decisively and persuasively?

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