See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me

I could hear the excitement in her voice when Debbie, one of my clients, called yesterday and said: “You are not going to believe this Chad! Your provocative questions and your coaching helped me deliver a fantastic speech that immediately led buyers to contact me, not to mention the remarkable new content available now on my site. Thank You!”

“This is exactly the kind of call I love to receive. May I ask a favor of you?” “Of course,” she answered. “Since one of the keys to the success of my business are stories like this one, would you be willing to provide me with….” and before I could finish my sentence, she said, “It will be my pleasure to send you a testimonial, Chad.”

You would probably agree with me that the key to impacting the success of our clients is to provide them with consistent high value. Let me suggest that providing high value can be achieved with either high touch or low touch. High touch usually means close and trusting client relationships, high energy, with greater access to you. It could also mean speed of access and response. Crafting provocative questions, coaching my clients and creating effective content and speeches represent high value to the client combined with high touch. Yet asking a client for a testimonial represents low touch with a potential high value.

Take a look at the transformation visual® below and let’s then examine additional examples. As you can see, I have placed most computer technicians or the so-called social media experts in the high touch and low value quadrant. Then in the low touch and low value quadrant, I have included the automated telemarketing calls that raise our blood pressure and the influx of spam emails.

Now take a look at your operation and review your various offerings and activities. Which quadrant do they fall into? Do most appear in the high value quadrants? If so, you are in good shape and should think about sustaining and increasing this. Otherwise, you sure have some work to do.

So how do you create high value with the proper touch? Remember the popular British group, The Who, with their popular song, “See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me?” It occurred to me that the title of this song is the perfect companion for my business illustration:

See Me ­– Be recognized and get noticed by your clients.

Feel Me – Create and nurture trusting client relationships.

Touch Me – Provide clients with consistent value.

Heal Me – Impact clients with great outcomes and results.

With these concepts at your fingertips, you are on the road to creating the highest value with the proper touch.

© Chad Barr 2012. All rights reserved

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