Overcoming Writer’s Block

Are you suffering from writer’s block or a temporary brain freeze? Many I talk with admit to me that writing and publishing is challenging for them at times. This manifests itself not only when people feel they have nothing to say, but even when they do, their well runs dry.

I have written before on how to develop new ideas but today I would like to quickly demonstrate how easy it is to come up with further interesting topics to write about. Each time you write a sentence or a paragraph ask yourself: “how can I further articulate this?” or “what would be the potential impact of this for the client?” or “how do you do this?”

Here is a bullet point from my previous post: “My most successful clients repurpose their content often.” I can simply take this one point and further articulate my thoughts or answer exactly how to do this. In another post I wrote: “You would probably agree with me that the key to impacting the success of our clients is to provide them with consistent high value.” I can show examples of how to do this, interview clients and thought leaders and do much more with this one sentence.

To overcome your writer’s block all you need to do is dive deeper. Your content contains hidden ideas and gems that you can easily exploit. All you need to do is mine it.

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