Content Best Practices from My Most Successful Clients

Let me share with you what my most successful clients do regarding their content.

Their content:

  1. Is created often and prolifically.
  2. Gets noticed by others engages them.
  3. Is shared by others with their connections.
  4. Is provocative, which means that it forces the recipient to think, agree or disagree.
  5. Mobilizes the recipient to take action toward their success.
  6. Manifests itself in a variety of formats: Articles, podcasts. images, videos, process visuals, audio books, ebooks, booklets, books, teleseminars, workshops and so on.
  7. Brings great value to the recipient.
  8. Gets repurposed often.
  9. Enables them to successfully monetize their offerings.
  10. Attracts the media and a variety of offers.
  11. Positions them as thought leaders worth following.

My question for you: Please share your content best practices examples / stories by leaving your comment here

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