Is a Visual Worth a Thousand Words? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 508

I am a huge fan of using visuals, diagrams, or as I refer to them as Transformation Visuals® to help us illustrate functions, methods and also use as diagnostic tools. I believe these visuals succinctly communicate our concepts while saving us the need to use many clarifying words. Here are several examples:

I have concluded that creating a powerful web presence to dominate the web is like putting together a complete jigsaw puzzle. The main components are strategizing, marketing, branding, publishing, socializing, and monetizing. Below is the visual I’ve created to illustrate this concept quickly and clearly:

dominate the web

Are you invisible on the web, a commodity, a best-kept secret, or a game changer? In order to become a game changer, one must publish prolifically and provocatively. This concept is communicated through the x and y axis visual I created below:

Become a Game Changer

Another one of my favorite visuals is the use of a Venn diagram. Almost any answers to the question: “what are the top 3 ways to establish something?” can be transformed into a Venn diagram. In the example below I communicate that to achieve web presence success, one needs to focus on the elements of their design, content and strategy & tactics. Each of the three circles represents one of these elements, and the intersection of each of two of the circles can be assigned a special label as well as the intersection of all three circles. The major added benefit is that such visuals are an excellent diagnostic tool as illustrated below:

Web Presence Success

So, is a visual worth a thousand words? I believe it sure does. A while back I’ve decided to compile and publish 21 of my most favorite visuals into the Transformation Visuals® to Power Your Success book, which is available on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks.

It’s your turn now. I challenge you to create a new visual and then share with us. I will include them in one of my future newsletters.

To your success!

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