Become a Game Changer Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 92

This week’s reflection point: How do you increase your reach and influence and become a game changer?

The best way to achieve this is to publish prolifically and provocatively. This will reduce the chance of you sounding like everyone else, it will help stimulate and generate new ideas and increase the overall interest in you.

Take a look at the visual below:

I broke it down into four quadrants:

Invisible — This means that you don’t publish much and you are not provocative, which makes you invisible.

Commodity — This means that you publish often but your content is not provocative, which makes you sound like everyone else and therefore you end up being a commodity.

Best-Kept Secret — This means that you are provocative but you don’t publish often, which makes you unknown or best-kept secret.

Game Changer — This means that you are a prolific publisher of content and provocative as well, which helps increase your reach, awareness and makes you a game changer.


This week’s tip: Help others by increasing your content creation and become a provocative prolific publisher and a game changer.


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