Let Them Eat Cake Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 509

Congratulations to us! We’re going to be grandparents again! Ok, our dog, Juno, is expecting 8 plus puppies next week and we are getting very excited and very nervous. Juno is a petite thing and a poor eater which is causing us a lot of anxiety since she needs to increase her daily calorie intake fourfold.

Many of you who know me, know that food isn’t an issue in our house. We are not used to a picky eater, especially one who sticks her nose up and walks away from fresh Rotisserie chicken topped puppy chow. But here we are.

As hard as we try, we can’t find the right combo. As much as we experiment with different dishes, (Laurel even cooked her dog foo yong patties), nothing changes. We are at a crossroad and wonder how she’s going to manage to nourish her pups now and after the birth and still take care of herself.

The frustration we feel with Juno, is similar to other frustrations we all experience especially when a client doesn’t take our advice and pushes back at our attempts to help them with the health of their business.

As experts in our fields, it only stands to reason that our guidance and knowledge should be heeded. But we know that we can’t force anyone to follow our advice when they think they’ve got a better path. It’s like banging our heads against the wall, only to end up with a cracked head or a concussion.

So, we hope that Juno figures it out and if not, allows her animal instinct to take over and she starts to eat like a champ. We’ll continue reminding her as we do our clients and keep our fingers crossed. We’ll keep you posted!

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