Consistency Takes Courage Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 447

I admire leaders, many of whom are my clients, that are consistent in what they do. I’ve concluded that it takes great courage to stay consistent. You must overcome your resistance, while fight challenges big and small, struggle with procrastination, interruptions, competing priorities, and confront surprises and the unexpected, while deal with failures.

In my article, Is Everything OK With You?, I shared the story of one of my clients who used to be a prolific publisher of great content. Yet, when she suddenly stopped publishing, it was quickly noticed by some of her clients who immediately worried about her well-being. Similarly, Silence is Not Golden, meaning you must remain active and keep publishing your content .

If you observe the most successful individuals and organizations in any genre of life and business, the key to their success is consistency.

Here are some of my favorite quotes regarding consistency:

  • Consistent action creates consistent results.
  • Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.
  • It’s not what we do occasionally that shapes out lives, it’s what we do consistently.
  • Goals cannot be achieved without consistency.

My advice on becoming consistent in what we do is to start by focusing on The ONE Thing. Because when we gain control of our competing priorities and focus on the one most important thing we must start with, the rest then falls miraculously into place.

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