Is Everthing OK With You? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 164

This week’s reflection point: A client of mine used to be a prolific publisher of great content, which she shared through a variety of media platforms with her audience. Probably due to a significant increase in her business she stopped sending out her newsletters.

I got a call from another client who was concerned that something has happened to the client who had stopped sending out the newsletters. I indicated that to the best of my knowledge she is doing great. He replied: “I thought something happened to her since she stopped sending out her newsletters!”

I then realized how important consistency is in the delivery of our messages and why it is critical we deliver it on time and as promised.

I don’t have an issue abandoning one method of content delivery or another. The key is to properly communicate why we’ve done so or even better yet, announce the replacement of a new and improved version of our content.

When we send out valuable content on a regular basis, we get our audience to start expecting it to show up consistently in their inbox. That dependency is a great thing and disrupting it creates havoc in the minds of our audience and their perceived perception of us.

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder but rather makes them forget, or even worse, it makes them question whether you are ok!

This week’s tip: When the pressure of water is applied consistently, overtime it has the power to change the shape of a rock. When your content is delivered consistently, it too has the power to greatly impact your audience.

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