The Business Silent Killer Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 165

This Week’s reflection point: Last year, prior to the launch of our new The Chad Barr Group web presence, a colleague shared with me that although he loves the work our company does for our clients, he would not do business with me based on the look of my current web presence. I realized that by immersing ourselves into servicing our clients I had neglected my own web presence. Vowing to not hear that comment again, I immediately engaged my team and made the Chad Barr Group presence one of my highest priorities, which we proudly launched a few months later.

When it comes to health and fitness, hypertension or high blood pressure are referred to as a the “silent killers” and if left untreated they often lead to serious diseases or even death. My intent is not to bring unnecessary fear but to call your attention to another possible phenomenon which I call “The Silent Business Killer!”

Let me ask you:

  • What is the initial reaction of visitors to your site? Are they impressed or ready to close the browser never to be seen again?
  • Does your site convey a world-class image or that of an amateur?
  • Does it create interest and entice your visitors to stay a bit longer or is it boring and turning them away?
  • Does your content convey the highest credibility and challenge your visitors to think differently or does it come across as commodity and commonplace?
  • Are visitors contacting you to inquire about getting your help or has your site gone silent?
  • Are visitors purchasing your products and services or those of your competitors?

If you answer favorably to all or most of the questions above and if your web presence is a key factor to the continued growth of your business and thought leadership, congratulations! You are in great shape. If, on the other hand, you answer most of these questions unfavorably, I am here to suggest that your web presence may be the silent killer of your business. Not only are you losing potential buyers while greatly limiting your success, your web presence may actually be the root cause of this problem.

If you’d like to discuss how to dramatically increase your success and schedule a comprehensive review and audit of your web presence, call or email me. I’d be glad to personally discuss this with you.

This week’s tip: Just as a check up with your doctor can detect unnoticeable or hidden problems, a comprehensive investigation of your present strategy, site and content can also reveal what is hurting and in need of attention. Don’t let your poor web presence become your silent business killer. You have the control to change both.

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