What’s Your Content Schedule? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 166

This week’s reflection point: Several months ago we started working on an exciting project with one of our clients, Rich Houcek, President of Soar with Eagles. Shortly after we began our collaboration on the content and products creation, Rick said to me, “I want to raise the bar and start creating a new product each month!”

Although I have many clients creating large amounts of outstanding content, this was the first time one of them wanted to create one product each month. Several months later I am now happy to report that we have achieved our goal and have launched this great site that contains 10 incredible success products and there are more to come.

We would not have been able to accomplish this bold goal without a content creation schedule and the proper accountability. We pulled out our calendars, identified the content and products we wanted to create, and scheduled them.

Any journey, no matter how bold it is, starts with a first step.

Why not start yours today?

This week’s tip: Identify your desired content and products; pull out your calendar and schedule them. The rewards are incredible.

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