Silence is Not Golden Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 2

This week’s reflection point: Do you remember the song Silence is Golden by the British group the Tremeloes? I am a bit apprehensive asking you this question out of fear that it may reveal my age. Although I acknowledge that there is a place for silence, I would like to suggest that the last place you want to consider going silent is in the creation of your content.

Several months ago, I was introduced to a successful entrepreneur, which led to several fascinating conversations. To my pleasant surprise, I realized that I had read one of his books that describes how to uncover great ideas simply by writing. Looking to learn more from him, I clicked on his site and then his blog. Oh boy! His last entry was from almost two years ago.

Unfortunately, I run into this situation with several of my clients as well. They are all thrilled to have us help them implement a new blog where they plan on sharing their ideas and wisdom with their clients. A fabulous start demonstrating their newfound journalist spirit is often replaced with writer’s block and then an empty blog.

When you go silent, what does that say about you? Are you no longer golden?

This week’s tip: Make an immediate commitment to look around you and pick out one thing that piques your curiosity. Then draw a business analogy or conclusion and write about it. Speak up, don’t be silent.


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0 thoughts on “Silence is Not Golden Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 2

  1. Chad,

    Great suggestion about looking around you for ideas that lead to IP. My weekend tweets are always about using your free time and weekend activities to observe how people react to you, how you react to others and what connection these situations have to business problems and needs. There are always connections if you give it a bit of thought. My best practice is to make short voice notes immediately to record exactly how I feel at the moment.

  2. Thanks for your comment Susan and great to see you here.

    An idea may lead to a tweet, which may lead to an article or a position paper. A collection of such articles may lead to a booklet or eBook, which may lead to a book, a workshop and a new business direction.

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