Are You Content With Your Content – Redux Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 493

Last week, in my “10 Ways to Improve Your Content Creation Labor Intensity” I suggested that you should repurpose your older content and by doing so you will also bring it back to life. Better yet, enrich it by adding newer relevant points and context.

In the spirit of following my own recommendations, I dug through my older content and found a great and relevant article that I published back in January 2013. “Are You Content With Your Content?” was that article. The essence I discussed was that not all entrepreneurs are committed to their business growth or their intellectual property development. They are simply content with where they are or in other words, they are content with their content.

Why do I think this happens?

  1. They lack the knowledge of how to do it.
  2. They find the process exhausting and they lack enjoyment.
  3. They are overwhelmed with the running of their business.
  4. They work in their business rather than on their business.
  5. They don’t see the value in doing it.
  6. They don’t have their strategy and action plan properly in place.
  7. They don’t have the right business partner to push them and help them rapidly Create their Digital Empire®.
  8. Their priorities are out of order.

Why I recommend the shift in thinking and the focus on massive content creation?

  1. Demonstrate the continued improvement of your own business.
  2. Demonstrate your impact on your clients.
  3. Demonstrate the continued reinvention of yourself and your business.
  4. Demonstrate that you are always thinking to find ways to improve, innovate and prevent stagnation.

Who are the leaders you follow and admire? Are they content with their content? Are you?

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