Questions My Clients Ask Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 494

Every week I have wonderful conversations and interviews with our clients. I just reflected on some of these conversations and decided to share with you the top four questions I was asked and my answers to these questions. I hope this is of value to you:

Q: Why do your clients’ keep facing their difficult challenges?

A: Not identifying their strategy and action plan not evolving while keeping them stagnant by is the 1st reason. Not taking massive action towards the completion and achievement of their bold goals is the 2nd reason. Fear of failure that keeps them away or procrastinating from working on their action plan and goals is the 3rd reason. This fear of failure often leads to self-doubt, which then leads to self-sabotage and to the imposture syndrome, which makes them wonder if they are good enough is the 4th reason. In other words, not having the right and positive mindset will keep these challenges alive. 

Q: What are your clients’ top mistakes?

A: Choosing to do business with the wrong client is probably one of the top mistakes I see my clients make. It drains their resources and energy and rarely makes that client happy. They then spend too much of their energy on that client rather than focusing their energy on their great clients. Remember that a bad prospect usually makes for a terrible client. Not reaching out for help when they need to is another key mistake.

Q: Why do your clients miss their deadlines?

A: Mismanagement of their priorities is the main reason for missing deadlines. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Some clients have the false presumption that they can multitask. I say that the only thing you can and should focus on is the ONE thing, which represents your most important goal and task. When it is completed, you may then move to the next thing, which will then become the ONE thing you work on. The other reason which is related to the one above is getting distracted by the bright and shiny objects. Finding technologies that they think work better that the older technologies is an energy and resource killer.

Q: What do your best clients do to achieve greater success?

A: They leverage themselves by focusing on the things they do best while delegating or discarding everything else. They clone themselves, which allows them to focus on the things they can only do while empowering others to do the rest. They become extremely effective in developing amazing content and are outstanding in marketing themselves through various channels. They keep reinventing themselves while greatly impacting their clients.   

What are the questions you are being asked?

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