10 Ways to Improve Your Content Creation Labor Intensity Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 492

Creating authoritative content can be time consuming and require our energy, focus and creativity. Although I believe that content creation must come from a place of love, dedication, service, while genuinely caring to provide value for our audience, there are still ways we can reduce our labor intensity. I would like to suggest 10 such ways:

  1. Invite guest contributors to publish their content on your site as long as it provides value to your audience.
  2. Repurpose your older content and by doing so you will also bring it back to life. Better yet, enrich it by adding newer relevant points and context.
  3. Appear on others’ shows whether by being interviewed or by participating on panels. Make sure to get the archived version so you may share on your sites and various social media platforms.
  4. When speaking publicly, make sure your event is being recorded so you may then publish it on your sites.
  5. Collaborate with others by developing a piece of content where others contribute to the same piece. Furthermore, this will enable you to get exposure to your collaborators’ audience.
  6. Engage a ghost writer who will develop the content on your behalf. I realize this may be somewhat controversial for some, but it is rather effective when needed.
  7. Convert your videos to audio recordings and transcribe them as well, which will then allow you to publish the same piece in multiple formats and on multiple channels.
  8. Summarize others’ published content and add your contrarian and interesting viewpoints.
  9. Reduce the length of your content.
  10. Change the frequency of your publishing dates. For example, if you send out your newsletters once a week, consider sending them every other week.

And my bonus point: Take some time to relax and reinvent yourself. You may be surprised how productive and efficient you may be when you take some time off to reenergize yourself.

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