Hello Darkness My Old Friend Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 491

Yesterday, as predicted, the temperatures and humidity in Cleveland began to soar. We should not have been surprised, after all it is mid-June, and these kinds of temperatures are to be expected. And while it seems that summer is just coming out of the starting gate and there are months of heat yet to enjoy, I was surprised at the sudden power outage that occurred late afternoon in the intense heat of the day.

I had a flash back to when, many years ago, complete electrical grids crashed as the heat wave pushed across the country. Each year, as we suffer these outages, I remind my wife that we must finally get a powerful generator. And each year, as the power returns, we somehow forget the sweltering heat of the day, the fear of the freezer defrosting and the stifling heat without the luxury of the central air conditioning.

It appears that I never really learn from these inevitable events and don’t prepare properly. Even now, I can’t find any of the flashlights I thought we stocked up on.

It is another reminder that while we can’t control the electric power supply, we can control how we prepare for situations, especially those that are recurrent and controllable.

In business and in life, it’s never too late to stock up on the essentials. It’s a good time to take inventory on what is needed to run our businesses smoothly and be ready for the glitches that always come our way no matter how savvy or prepared we may be. It’s critically important we develop a contingency plan or have a plan B when plan A falls apart or is disrupted.  

For now, the lights are back on, the fans are whirring, and I’ll get those flashlights or better yet that new generator tomorrow. If I remember…

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