The ABCs of Internet Marketing Success Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 490

  • Attract visitors to your business leveraging your online platforms
  • Create, nurture, and strengthen your Brand
  • Convert visitors to clients
  • Design a user friendly, powerful and engaging digital web and mobile presence
  • Use Email and opt-in marketing to grow your lists and promote your offerings
  • Implement a social Media strategy to leverage platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others
  • Google your business and keywords often to track how you are trending
  • Protect your online business to prevent Hackers from accessing your data and even paralyzing your business
  • Locate Influencers you can create synergies to exponentially grow your businesses
  • One of my favorite acronyms is JDI which stands for Just Do It! To create that remarkable success, it’s all about taking action
  • Keywords identification becomes one of your critical tasks to make sure search engines can find you
  • Drive visitors to strategic Landing Pages, also known as lead magnets, that serve to drive conversions
  • Become a Marketing machine
  • Newsletters are still an effective tool to reach your clients and provide your value
  • Optimize your site for best performance and conversion
  • Podcasts popularity and success has been increasing significantly
  • Implement a Q&A section on your site to answer key questions your clients may have
  • Repurpose your content often so it does not become your best kept secrets
  • Identify the keywords to optimize your site for Search engines
  • Expand your connections with others by building communities or Tribes
  • Create an effective blog which will become the Ultimate repository of your knowledge, wisdom and intellectual property
  • Produce Videos to position yourself as a thought leader
  • Conduct online Workshops to reach a wide range of participants
  • Whether your site coding language requires XML, HTML, Java or others, I’d recommend you let the experts do it
  • YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms to host your videos as it has also become one of the most powerful search platforms.
  • Use streaming platforms such as Zoom to share your content and communicate with your clients.

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