Stay Out of the Kitchen! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 489

How many times has your spouse or partner asked you to get out of the kitchen while he or she is preparing or cooking food? I hear it often, mostly because I hover and have no cooking ability whatsoever.

Today was no exception except for the fact that I was playing pickleball at 6AM and accidentally stepped over the non-volley zone also known in pickleball as the “kitchen.” I should have been more careful knowing how I don’t belong there, but it was a shot that seemed too good to pass up.

Unfortunately, my pickleball partner had stepped in to prevent my foot from entering the zone and I took a direct hit by his paddle to my forehead. A few hours later, the urgent care doc, also a pickleballer, glued it together and reassured me I can get back on the court tomorrow, bright and early!

What is the lesson for me? Whether in life or in business, stay out of places where I don’t belong.

Often, we find ourselves stepping over the line with our business ventures whether it be by word or by action, knowingly or unknowingly. The consequences can be mild or severe and only known once we’ve taken that accidental step into the forbidden zone or the “kitchen.”

I’m told that in 6 months the scar on my forehead will barely be visible.  Until then, I’ll do my best to keep my feet exactly where they belong and keep my distance appropriately.   

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2 thoughts on “Stay Out of the Kitchen! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 489

    • Thanks Jeff. Yes, the doctor at the urgent care did a great job with the medical crazy glue which seems to leave no scar. And yes, my wife often reminds me to stay out of the kitchen both on and off the court!

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