25 Reasons to Use Social Media Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 440

Over the years, the various social media platforms have become a huge influencing factor in the way we communicate online, conduct our business and engage with potentially billions of people. I am personally active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Clubhouse. In my article Addicted to What? I raised some concern regarding these social media platforms but there are of course benefits to using them as well. Here are the top 25 reasons why you ought to use social media in your business: 

  1. Use it as your digital accountability partner
  2. Strengthen your thought leadership and global reach
  3. Build relationships and trust
  4. Become a prolific content creator
  5. Create new connections
  6. Increase your brand awareness
  7. Share your announcements
  8. Tell your story
  9. Publish new insights and powerful content
  10. Promote your products and services
  11. Repurpose your content
  12. Improve your Search Engine Optimization
  13. Stay in the forefront of your customer’s minds
  14. Educate yourself  
  15. Increase customers’ loyalty
  16. Leverage ads to target customers with greater precision
  17. Attract bloggers, journalists and prospective clients
  18. Bring more traffic to your site
  19. Become more informed of what others are doing
  20. Stay in touch with your customers
  21. Engage your audience on multiple platforms and media types
  22. Collaborate with others
  23. Push your content, communication, and influence beyond your own hub
  24. Increase your business
  25. Expand your impact

So, what’s next?

With so many social media platforms and channels available for us to use and leverage, and new ones showing up often, I suggest you:

  • Identify the platforms that your current and future customers are on
  • Invest some of your time and energy to become active on these channels
  • Do so consistently and over time
  • Measure your ROI and adjust as needed
  • And I invite you to connect with me and others you are interested in on the various channels.

Increasing your social media engagement has the potential to reach billions of people looking for your solutions and exponentially growing your brand and business.

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