21 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 355

One of the key attributes of the most successful global thought leaders is the fact that they are prolific publishers of remarkable content and they do so provocatively, consistently in a large variety of media formats and online platforms. In other words, they leverage content marketing brilliantly and become game changers in their respected industries.

Yet many make serious mistakes when creating their content marketing. Below are the top 21 mistakes I see entrepreneurs and organizations make:

  1. Not repurposing your content
  2. Not being consistent
  3. Not providing unique insights and exceptional value
  4. Not properly identifying your audience, their wants and needs
  5. Not receiving feedback from your audience
  6. Not targeting humans as well as search engines
  7. Not leveraging applicable social media platforms
  8. Not incorporating social proof in the form of testimonials, case studies and media references
  9. Not being succinct
  10. Not mobilizing them to take action
  11. Not making offers
  12. Not responding to inquiries
  13. Not understanding what content marketing really is
  14. Not being focused
  15. Not leveraging your network and vast potential connections
  16. Not having the patience for long-term success
  17. Not using examples and sharing stories
  18. Not marketing effectively
  19. Not developing a thick skin and not ignoring the web trolls and the vindictive individuals
  20. Not investing in becoming a great content publisher
  21. Not evolving over time

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