Chad Barr’s Blog Was Named as One of the Top 50 Blogs and Websites for Consultants Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 354

I am honored to be on the list (among Bain, Boston Consulting Group. Gartner, McKinsey and others) of the “Top 50 blogs, magazines and websites for consultants

This is the best ”top 50 list” of blogs, magazines and websites for consultants that you will find on the internet.

They referenced my blog by saying: On the blog you can find articles that focus on innovative ideas that can improve your business. The point of the blog is to help companies increase their digital presence by leveraging business, internet and marketing strategies.

Here are a few ideas to get your site and blog on the best top 50 list:

  1. Delivering content on a consistent basis over time.
  2. Sharing interesting, valuable and provocative insights.
  3. Focusing on what is in the client’s best interest.
  4. Incorporating a variety of exciting media formats.
  5. Creating global digital empires®.
  6. Raising the Barr®.
  7. Mobilizing your audience to take action.
  8. Offering products and services that are irresistible.
  9. Leveraging testimonials and letting your clients rave to increase trust and achieve social proof.

Which of the ideas shared above are you executing, and which should you start?

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