Are You Exploiting Your Talent? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 353

We all have our talents or as some may call it our gifts or calling. In my article; One Note at a Time that I wrote earlier this year, I outlined the distinctions between talented musicians and those performing on a completely different level. I then posed key questions to connect these distinctions to the business world.

As noted in that article. The key distinction I observed are:

  1. Learning your craft and continuing your pursuit of knowledge.
    What are your new learning initiatives?
  2. Practicing your skills to refine your abilities.
    What must you continually practice?
  3. Writing and publishing your content.
    What new content are you writing?
  4. Experimenting with new ideas and taking some risks.
    What new areas should you start experimenting with?
  5. Collaborating with others.
    What are the new collaborations you should explore and embrace?
  6. Playing and creating enjoyment in your business and life.
    How can you devote significant more time to enjoy yourself?
  7. Innovating new products, services and insights.
    What is your next big idea to innovate?
  8. Realizing Endless Possibilities to grow and impact others.
    What are your future opportunities and possibilities for growth?
  9. Creating Art, which I define as the evolution and transformation of our education, skills, wisdom, values, interests, passions, and desire to innovate, uniquely create and impact others.
    What is the art you are creating and should create in the future?

I had our team create the transformation visual® included with this article for your quick reference. I suggest you print it, have it easily accessible and follow it, so while everyone tries to figure out their talent, you function on a completely different level!

Now that we have discussed the key attributes to take our talents to another level, the key question I would like you to ask yourself and explore is: are you exploiting your talent? In other words, what impact are you creating?

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