One Note at a Time Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 334

I was a professional musician (I guess I still am) before taking on computers and the Internet as the main focus of my business career. I love listening, studying and playing different music genres. Yet, I often wonder what are the profound differences between talented musicians and those who just play and operate on a completely different level? And what does this article have to do with the business world?

I believe it comes down to these 9 insights:

  1. Learn: It all starts with the basic learning of the art of music. Whether it’s playing, composing, scoring, arranging, conducting, improvising and so on. To take it to the next level, one must dedicate themselves to keep on learning.
    What must you keep on learning in your business?
  2. Practice: All extraordinary musicians have developed their skills by establishing the immense discipline of practice. They have done so when they first started as well as throughout their career. This practice has enabled them to develop the skill to such a level that it has become second nature.
    What areas should you practice in your business?
  3. Write: Music, throughout the centuries, has been written and documented. All orchestras are followed and conducted by the written score. Writing is critical to be able and retrieve any piece of music in the future.
    What must be written and documented in your business to ensure longevity, creativity and success?
  4. Experiment: For most of us, it would most likely become quite boring, if we listen to the same piece over and over. Similarly, I can’t imagine top musicians playing or composing the same style throughout their life. Experimentation of music with different styles, genres, people and instruments is critical to raise the bar and evolve one’s art. This is also the key to the art of improvisation.
    What should you experiment with in your business?
  5. Collaborate: I often talk about that that fact that when it comes to collaboration, 1 + 1 = 86. And that is exactly what happens when talented individuals get together, and the magic of collaboration takes place.
    Who should you surround yourself with in order to take your business to a higher level?
  6. Play: They don’t call it “play music” for nothing. Because when skills are combined with passion and love, it feels like play time and not work.
    How can the create the lifestyle so that the lines of demarcation between work and play are blurred?
  7. Innovate: As I followed and observed these music geniuses of history and of our time, it became obvious to me that they are all innovators. Their creation and transformation over time is astounding.
    What is your next innovation that has the highest impact potential?
  8. Endless Possibilities: The world of music notes is someone limited. There are only 12 notes available yet look at the endless possibilities they create, and enormous amount of music created over the centuries with just these 12 notes. These masterful musicians treat their craft as with endless possibilities.
    What are the next opportunities available in your business that you ought to pay better attention to?
  9. Art: When all of the above comes into play, it becomes an art. I believe this is what makes the difference between talented and gifted musicians and those who are operating on a completely different level.
    What goals are you willing to set and actions to take to transform the success of your business?

Friedrich Nietzsche said that “without music, life would be a mistake.” I love music and believe that in one way or another, we are all music makers.

It all comes down to joining one note at a time and turning them into an amazing masterpiece. It’s time to create our next one!

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